Recognized as the best Indian restaurant in Hong Kong, Jashan went under a major facelift and is now back with a modern twist.
Adding some spice into your dining experience, is a dynamic and talented Indian culinary team which has brought with them the magical flavours of old and present-day India.
Being the first restaurant in HK to be mentioned in the Michelin Guide 2013 for Indian cuisine, and we are the winner of GHM Cordons Bleus - Recommendation Restaurant 2016. Jashan continues to commit itself to quality and authenticity - with a menu that is set to impress - and is conveniently located along Hollywood Road in Central.
With warm decors of vermillion and gold details, impressive chandeliers, welcoming sofas, as well as colonial furnishings, walking into Jashan brings you to a modern India.
This eating establishment raises the benchmark for Indian restaurants in the city, developing a reputation for its high quality cuisine and attentive service. It is opened all day, serving lunch, afternoon snacks , dinner and late dinners. can i take levitra after viagra Jashan has awarded by QTSA service award 2016 nexium 40 mg how long to start working Jashan has been awarded as HK Tourism Board QTSA 10th years service award
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